Iben - en fin, lille vest til små piger og drenge

This design is part of a little collection inspired by the works of the famous Danish-Norwegian poet and author Ludvig Holberg. Holberg lived from 1684-1754, and even though this is a long time ago, he had a very special talent for showing – and exposing – different types of people, which is a big part of what makes him relevant still today. The little vest Iben is inspirered by Holberg’s comedy ”Barselsstuen”. Although women no longer have an extended period of confinement after birth where they are to remain in bed to recover, the particular mood of the ”barselsstue” after a new baby is born with well meaning maternity advice, gossip and chatter still exists. Most bring a gift for the new baby and this undershirt or vest would make any new mother happy. The wool is soft as butter, so nothing can irritate the soft, delicate skin of the little wearer.

0-3 (6-9) 12-18 (24) mdr/56 (74) 86 (92) cl
1. udgave: 
januar 2018