Lucretia - en lækker, vendbar hue

This design is part of a little collection inspired by the works of the famous Danish-Norwegian poet and author Ludvig Holberg. Holberg lived from 1684-1754, and even though this is a long time ago, he had a very special talent for showing – and exposing – different types of people, which is a big part of what makes him relevant still today.

Den vægelsindede (the capricious – the title of the story the design is inspired by) – we all know her – the choices we all have to face: chips or carrots, cautiousness or action, the sofa or the gym? The list is endless, but there is help to be had – or is there? It is at least an option to change ones mind mid way. The hat is reversible, so you can choose to either wear it with either the light or the dark side showing. Or the green side one day and the blue the next.

One Size
1. udgave: 
februar 2018