Gefion - en skøn T-shirt til børn

A new member has been added to the whole family of designs that has sprung up around the popular Kastellet design from our SS19 collection – this lovely T-shirt for kids.
The light and warm orange colour which radiates warmth and sunshine, in combination with the charming eyelet pattern on the yoke, is a winning combination for kids, big and small.
2 years/92 cl (4 years/104 cl) 6 years/116 cl (8 years/128 cl) 10 years/140 cl (12 years/152 cl)

2 år/92 cl (4 år/104 cl) 6 år/116 cl (8 år/128 cl) 10 år/140 cl (12 år/152 cl)
1. udgave: 
Januar 2021