Kongelunden - en fin pigebluse

Kongelunden (the King’s grove) is the largest wood on Amager and was planted in the beginning of the 19th century. The original plan for the wood is still very evident in the rectangular layout and the paths crossing in straight angles.
Here Kongelunden has been turned onto a lovely sweater with balloon sleeves and ”false” cables on the back and front. The false cable pattern is created by simply passing stitches over each other to beautiful effect. The sleeves are oversized balloon sleeves, with a long cuff worked with ”false” cables.
The designer has lived on the island of Amager, where part of Copenhagen is located, for most of her life, so the inspiration for her designs for the Copenhagen collection naturally come from the places on Amager that she loves the most.

Włóczki Włóczki : 
2 years/92 cl (4 years/104 cl) 6 years/116 cl (8 years/128 cl) 10 years/140 cl (12 years/152 cl)
1. udgave: 
Sierpień 2020