Ørestad - et lækkert babytæppe

Ørestad is a newly developed part of Copenhagen, located on the island of Amager. Ørestad is made up of residential buildings in many different creative shapes and colours. This inspired the designer to create this blanket in a technique reminiscent of the quilting pattern called ”Log Cabin”, where new sections are added along the sides of the existing ones, working from the centre out. The Ørestad blanket is worked in sections of varying sizes, which makes it a fun knit.
The designer has lived on the island of Amager, where part of Copenhagen is located, for most of her life, so the inspiration for her designs for the Copenhagen collection naturally come from the places on Amager that she loves the most.

Włóczki Włóczki : 
approx. 78 x 90 cm
1. udgave: 
Sierpień 2020