Femøren - en lækker slipover

Femøren is a part of Amager Strandpark (Amager beach park). It consists of a circular lawn surrounded by beautiful old trees that lies right next to Øresund (the strait of water between Denmark and Sweden). This is where is spent much of my youth. I saw many of the legendary Danish 80s band play koncerts here and this is also where me and my friends from school always went swimming. Today I am lucky to live quite close to Femøren.
The Femøren slipover is worked in broken rib with the wrong side out, as this side has lovely rows of well defined and delicate rows of ”pearls”.
The designer has lived on the island of Amager, where part of Copenhagen is located, for most of her life, so the inspiration for her designs for the Copenhagen collection naturally come from the places on Amager that she loves the most.

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1. udgave: 
Sierpień 2020